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​​​​In 2012, LVP partnered with LaxTV and THSLL to  demonstrate live stream technology at the 2012 THSLL DI & DII State Championships.  

Primary Camera Operator 2023 Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) DI & DII Championships LIVE STREAM 



​​"Video quality is great and well shot!" ​​​​M Hazy, Phantom Lacrosse Inc.

April 2021

“Please thank LVP again for streaming our Varsity games for the team! Gabe was on the field tonight taking photos and one of the Georgetown parents working the table went up to him and asked him to thank the folks sending the feed to our website. The lady's parents were watching the game online from Canada! She had sent them the link thinking it might be choppy or they may not be able to connect, but they were sending her photos they were taking from their tv. She couldn't believe the quality of the video and said a BIG thank you for us providing this awesome video feed tonight. They would not have been able to see their grandson play with all of the travel restrictions and Covid, they were extremely happy to watch him play tonight. 

March 2021 

​"Adolfo and his team guarantee a premium product. Consistent quality, timely execution, all while providing value.  Whether it’s adding an extra angle, knocking out highlights, or handling full service live streaming they always hit the mark.  We appreciate Adolfo and his team and look forward to continuing to work with him!"  Anthony C., StickStar Lacrosse February 2019

" are you at only 51 subs (YouTube Subscribers) ?! I subbed last year and watch all of the lacrosse games on this channel (YouTube Texas Lacrosse). Whoever does your video recording is a beast, but I miss the scoreboard embedded in the video like last year....keep up the great work!
(Also - I'd love for you guys to do a video on your streaming setup sometime!!!) "

Ben C. February 2019

"Thank YOU LVP for being there!  I wish you could have been at all of games!  My husband & I are watching the game right now!   Watching it on our big TV is awesome!  Several parents said how well the Live Streaming was.  It worked very well and they felt like they were at the game!" Sara S.   April 2018

"First of all, thank you so much for streaming our games. My parents live in Oklahoma City and they have so enjoyed being able to watch my son's games. They actually said they see more on your streaming than they do in person in the stands. Thank you." Vicky K.     March 2018

"I really enjoyed watching this game! Fantastic camera work and a great crowd. Loved the energy and intensity! You guys have a fantastic setup, great quality and I really enjoy the live streams at night!"  Ben C. YouTube Subscriber   Feb. 2018

"Looks amazing. Perfect quality"

M. Brand, Lacrosse Coach April 2017


" Love the live stream! Thanks from those of us who couldn't be there!"  Lisa B.  Feb. 2016

​"Thanks for the live stream! Great Win!" Scott M.  Feb. 2016

​"Yes, can't say enough how awesome the live stream was....good win!" Brian Y. Feb. 2016

​"Great job guys! The boys and I watched the first half on live stream...pretty cool." Ruben G. Feb. 2016

​"Nice Win Cats. Enjoying the live stream from Honduras. Thanks" John G. Feb. 2016

"Awesome game, good win boys and thank you for live streaming it Laurel Video Productions!" Scott A. April 2016